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Test initial clasa a 12-a, engleza

Anul școlar 2014-2015   Limba engleză, Clasa a XII- a L1,  2 ore/săpt. 

Numele ____________________________________ Clasa ________ 
Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerinţelor se acordă 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.

1. a) Read the text below. Are the sentences 1-5 ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B)? If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B), choose ‘Doesn’t say’ (C). (20 points)
b) Write the main idea of the text in no more than 50 words. (10 points)

Britain is sinking under a deluge of books. With 65,000 new titles published last year and sales in the hundreds of millions it seems as if our appetite for printed matter is becoming more and more aggressive year by year. Bookshops now have a market worth 1,2 billion and that does not include the numerous bookclubs and public libraries. It appears that a large number of people have discovered that books make the ideal birthday or Christmas gifts – they are relatively cheap, easy to find and are culturally and socially acceptable to all levels and sectors of society.

1. Books have become a problem in Britain.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
2. The readers are angry.
A Right B Wrong C. Doesn’t say
3. Bookclubs don’t have a market worth 1,2 billion.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
4. You can find a public library at every street corner.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say
5. Books are neither expensive nor hard to find.
A Right B Wrong C Doesn’t say

2. Choose the correct variant. Tick the right answer. (30 points)

1) ………had she arrived than I told her the news.
A. Hardly; B. Barely; C. No sooner; D. Heavily.
2) Mike ……….succeeded if they had helped him.
A. could have; B. could had; C. should; D. ought to.
3) I…………. reading the magazine by the time you……….home.
A. will finish/will come; B. will have finished/come; C. will have finished/will come; D. shall finish/shall come.
4) We are looking forward………….her new film.
A. to seeing; B. to see; C. seeing; D. watching
5) Please ……………smoking in public places.
A. stop to; B. try stopping; C. prevent from; D. refrain from.
6) David, …… is our leader, has had an accident.
A. who; B. that C. which; D. whose
7) I didn’t know for how long he ……there.
A. was sitting; B. had been sitting; C. has been sitting; D. were sitting.
8) …………, I didn’t listen to you and I lost my money
A. Luckily; B. Firstly; C. Foolishly; D. Fortunately.
9) He ……..at her as if he………..her before.
A. was staring/wouldn’t have seen; B. was staring/didn’t see; C. had been staring/didn’t see; D. was staring/hadn’t seen.
10) They are believed …….. two days prior to our conversation.
A. to be seen; B. to being seen; C. to have been seen; D. to have seen.

3. Narrate an incident in which lying might be accepted. (300 – 350 words) (30 points)

 This is a material for scholar use and falls unde fair use.// Acest material este pentru uz didactic și se află sub incidența folosinței conform bunelor uzanțe.

Barem XII

I. B, B, A, C, A.
II. C, A, B, A, D, A, B, C, D, C.

Daca ti-a folosit ce ai citit, distribuie sa afle si prietenii tai!

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