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Test initial clasa a 10-a, engleza

Anul școlar 2014-2015 Limba engleză, Clasa a X- a L1, 2 ore/săpt.

Numele și prenumele ____________________ Clasa ______________ 
Pentru rezolvarea corectă a tuturor cerinţelor se acordă 90 de puncte. Din oficiu se acordă 10 puncte. Timpul efectiv de lucru este de 45 de minute.


Many health problems are caused by unhealthy habits that a person has learned. The most commonly discussed habits are smoking, drinking coffee, overeating, and addiction to drugs. Habits are automatic responses developed and used by the body to save time and energy. Because habits save energy, they are good if we want to keep the habit, but dangerous if we want to break the habit. Doctors often recommend that their patients replace an old habit with a new habit. For example, if a person wishes to break a smoking habit, the person might replace smoking with deep breathing or stretching exercises. When the person has a desire to smoke, he or she should then stand up and do the exercises briefly. This will be more effective than simply saying "no" to the old habit.

a) Read the text and decide if the following sentences are true (T) or false (F). On your answer sheet, write T or F next to the number corresponding to each sentence. (10 p.)

1. Few health problems are caused by unhealthy habits.
2. Habits save time and energy.
3. Breaking a habit can be dangerous.
4. Patients should not change old habits for new ones.
5. Physical exercises are more effective than refusing an unhealthy habit.

b) Write the main idea of the text. (10 p.)
c) Formulate questions to which the underlined phrases or words in the text are the answers. (10 p.)


Put the verbs in the brackets at the proper aspect and tense. (30 p.)

One day while I (1 - sit) in a café, a man (2 - come) over to my table and (3 - ask) if he (4 - may) sit down for a few minutes. After (5 - speak) for some time, we (6 - find) that we once (7 - meet) in Europe. He said, "I (8 - arrive) here two weeks ago and I yet (9 - not make) up my mind whether or not (10 - stay) here." "If I (11 - be) you," I said, "I (12 - learn) the language as quickly as I (13 - can) and then (14 - make) a tour of the country. It (15 - be) easier then making up your mind."


Write about you favourite movie or TV series (250 words). (30 p.)

 This is a material for scholar use and falls unde fair use.// Acest material este pentru uz didactic și se află sub incidența folosinței conform bunelor uzanțe.


I. a) F, T, T, F, T. c) What do unhealthy habits cause? What are the most commonly discussed habits?  Who do often recommend that the patients replace an old habit with a new one?  What should a person do to break a smoking habit ? What will be more effective than simply saying "no" to the old habit ?
II. was sitting / came / asked / might / speaking / found / had met / arrived / haven’t made / stay / were / would learn / can sau could / would make, is.

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