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Teza engleza 9, English my love

Model de subiect de teză sau de extemporal recapitulativ, referitor ca capitolul al doilea, Hobbies, din manualul English, my Love, pentru clasa a 9-a, publicat de EDP.

Am folosit acest subiect anul trecut la o clasă de profil economic, cu 2 ore pe săptămână de engleză, L1.


Name ____________________________

November 27th, 2012, grade 9

1) Put the verbs between brackets in the past simple or past continuous tense:
1) When the post man  (arrive), my father (have) a shower.
2) While my brother  (study), my grandma  (make) some muffins.
3) I  (go) to the doctor 2 days ago because I (have) a terrible headache.
4) When I  (be) 10, I (eat) a sandwich every evening.
5) He  (miss) the train because he  (talk) with some friends.
6) The thieves  (come)  into the house while the man  (sleep).
7) I  (drink) a glass of water at eleven. I'm not thirsty now.
8) …. you (write) the composition last week?
9) Mother  (not/be) at home when her son  (fall) down the stairs.
10) The children (plant) a tree when their mummy  (call)  them.

1. arrived, was having
2. was studying, was making/made
3. went, had
4. was, ate
5. missed, was talking
6. came, was sleeping
7. drank
8. did you write
9. wasn't, fell
10. were planting, called

2) Explain what the following words mean:
Angling, fishing, shrine, tomb, play, act, glance, look, residence, dwelling.

3) Which sentence is the correct one?
 1) a) The men were studying on the new project all day yesterday    
     b) The men was studying on the new project all day yesterday      
     c) The men studied on the new project all day yesterday  
2)  a) When were you finishing your project?      
     b) When did you finish your project?
     c) When were you finish your project?
3)  a) You didn't be in the party yesterday
     b) you didn't were in the party yesterday
     c) You weren't in the party yesterday
4)  a) My sister watched TV while her husband was playing with the children
     b) My sister was watching TV while her husband was playing with the children       
     c) My sister was watching TV while her husband played with the children
5)  a) The students were talking when the teacher was arriving
     b) The students talked when the teacher was arriving
     c) The students were talking when the teacher arrived

rezolvare: 1a, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5c

4) Write 3 differences and 3 similitudes between the castle and the Sagrada Famiglia cathedral (Barcelona) below: 

5) Who is the author of the “Canterbury Tales”, in what literary technique was this book written, how many stories does it contain?

6) Describe the object using at least 5 characteristics: texture, material, colour, properties, measurement. 

7)  You are a pilgrim in your way to Canterbury Cathedral, hosted at The Red Fox Inn (hanul La Vulpea Rosie). It’s evening and it’s your turn to tell an amusing story from your childhood. Use no more than 15 lines (150-170 words).

1.    – 20 pcte
2.   – 10 pcte
3.    -  10 pcte 
4.    – 10 pcte
5.    – 10 pcte
6.    – 10 pcte
7.    – 20 pcte pentru folosirea de alineate (5 p), coerenta si originalitate (2.5x2 = 5 pcte), vocabular adecvat si structuri gramaticale corecte (5x2 = 10 pcte)

10 puncte din oficiu.
Timp de lucru 45 de minute.

This is a material for scholar use and falls unde fair use.// Acest material este pentru uz didactic și se află sub incidența folosinței conform bunelor uzanțe.

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